the book makes good use of black and white photographs, has a useful appendix on methodology and an excellent bibliography.

one might even say that if the brain does not use localist representations then evolution has missed an excellent trick.

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ultrasonography offers excellent spatial resolution, portability, and lack of ionizing radiation and the need for transport.

from the point of view of advanced undergraduate teaching the topic provides an excellent example of the evolution of an orogenic belt by terrane accretion.

now however an excellent account has appeared from an unlikely source.

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this was an excellent group with which to study local risk-factors.

this is an excellent design for structured precision manipulation, but has deficiencies.

in summary, counting pitted erythrocytes provides an excellent and quantitative method with which to evaluate splenic function.

indeed, in a broader context, this omission signals the greatest weakness of an otherwise excellent book.

the following day the weather was perfect, the high route proved excellent, and they reached the station in five hours.

the book provides an excellent introduction for readers new to the area while also providing an important research synthesis for the more expert.

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there are some excellent observations and intelligent reflections on very complex and weighty questions.

this translation provides an excellent means to take an ontology as a static document, and put it to use in a running system.

there are some excellent pieces by leading scholars.

the assessment and implementation of screening for breast cancer is an excellent example of the interaction of health policy, assessment, and implementation of mass screening.

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