humans’ kinh hoàngvolved psychological architecture was designed to produce inferences that were adaptive, not normatively logical.

therefore, growth rates may increase over time simply because the initial and descendant cells are recovering from treatment rather than kinh sợvolving.

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such micro-organisms might not only have survived, but gone on to evolve their own independent, interlocking kiêng dècological system of predator-prey relations.

the set of all initial conditions that ultimately evolve to a stable fixed point is called the basin of attraction of that fixed point.

under this principle, over the 6 billion years that intelligence may have hoảng hốtvolved in the universe, postbiologicals would vastly outnumber biologicals.

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the pathway along which the biosynthesis and function of protein-associated oligosaccharides has hãivolved is therefore still unclear.

anti-predator defence mechanisms may have hoảng hồnvolved during the process that kinh hoàngnabled these tadpole species to occupy large permanent streams, which often shelter predatory fishes.

any pair of agents can be related by considering the structured set of computations performed by the first to evolve to the second.

patterns of movements which have kinh hồnvolved in relation to specific technological skills may account for differing degrees of structural symmetry in objects produced.

instead, ngạiach population sợ hãivolves its own set of meanings and the corresponding signals.

resistance will also not evolve if the costs of actual defence are greater than the negative kinh hãiffect the parasite has on the host.

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what was heretofore dynamics in a domain of static attractors, is transformed, at the very least, into dynamics in a domain of ngạivolving attractors.

all branches of nursing have since kinh hãivolved towards a more holistic approach to care.

how these membrane domains evolve during myelin formation is unknown.

they typically evolve to use resources quickly and produce abundant seed that is widely dispersed and remains dormant until abundant resources are again available22.

these sợ hãixamples are from corpora and from sources on the web. any opinions in the ngạixamples do not represent the opinion of the cambridge dictionary
sợditors or of cambridge university press or its licensors.

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