Within ‘ the core community of ethnics ‘, class differences ‘ were overridden by a common culture and identity ‘ (pp. 100-1).

Most of the papers focus on specific kingdoms and peoples to elucidate processes of political and ethnic consolidation.


Internationally and locally, race (and/or ethnic difference) and gender remain crucial aspects of conflicts engendered by, or engendering, migration.

Ethnic-based humor was still allowed – even encouraged – as long as it was not overly vicious or two-dimensional in its treatment.

Outcault was in many ways a continuation of the professional, middle-class flaneur tradition in ethnic typing.

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She is struggling against her faulty, yet burgeoning, awareness of her precarious ethnic identity.

Ethnic groups are almost always in contact with other ethnic groups, par ticularly in frontier situations.

Therefore, ethnic dynamics must be considered over a long period of time.

What is unique about education for the “indigenous” children, those who belong to colonized ethnic groups?

Information about social class, ethnic origin, employment status, type of housing tenure, and access to a car was obtained from the subjects.

The ideas of the 1970s, when society had been seen as a system of ethnic groups participating on equal terms, were now finally abandoned.

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Is racial/ethnic measurement justified because it helps the state to police and prevent discrimination?

The ethnicity variable indicates the proportion of ethnic minorities in post-communist countries before 1990.

Cross-national studies of economic growth include a war variable to capture effects of political and ethnic factors.

Meanwhile, region is also a rough guide for understanding the ethnic distribution of the country.

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