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they’re worried, and they are trying to stop history, which is a fool’s errand.

try to avoid spending the whole day on obligatory errands such as mowing the lawn, grocery shopping, or catching up on work.

i wasn’t supposed to leave the office at all, except to run work errands.

her mother left her in her grandmother’s care, who in turn left her at home with an uncle while doing errands.

i had just come home from a little errand to the grocery store, and all of a sudden – bam – it just hit.

and engineering regime change is a fool’s errand.

some of our clients just need help with driving, housekeeping or running errands.

then, the pair went off to finish the customer’s errand.

she ran her errands and settled into class on the sixth floor with 20 other students.

my brothers’ sleepwalking lives seemed to be governed by issues of combat and strategy; we dreamed of errands.

my usual day-to-day routine once consisted of chasing around babies, paying bills, making meals, and running errands.

his day became structured around errands and it didn’t feel good to him.

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i also organize my errands in order as not to waste trips.

i make one trip per week to town and do all of my errands on the same day.

time is an increasingly precious commodity and customers will not want to spend it “running errands”.

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translations of errand

in chinese (traditional)

(短程)差事, 跑腿…

in chinese (simplified)

(短程)差事, 跑腿…

in spanish

recado, recado [masculine]…

in portuguese

serviço, incumbência, compra…

in more languages

in japanese

in turkish

in french

in catalan

in arabic

in czech

in danish

in indonesian

in thai

in vietnamese

in polish

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in malay

in german

in norwegian

in korean

in italian

in russian

basit/sıradan/ayak işi, getir götür işi…

course [feminine], commission [feminine], commission…

pochůzka, posílka, záležitost…

tugas sebagai pesuruh, tugas…

งานที่ใช้ให้ทำ, เป้าหมายของการเดินทาง…

sprawa (do załatwienia )…

tugas sebagai pesuruh, tugas…

besorgungen machen, der botengang…

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