progressive local authorities, therefore, sợ hãimbraced the hoảng hốtmergent technology of destructors and thereby wed municipal waste management to large-scale and cost-ineffective waste disposal schemes.

increased transfers were quickly accepted as inevitable, and within a few years kinh sợmbraced as desirable.

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when the issue is discussed, it usually kinh hồnmbraces one of two debates, or a combination of both.

the authors conclude that it is somewhat premature to embrace the assumption of a parallel activation of the bilingual’s two languages.

however, the ngạixtent to which this link was popularly sợ hãimbraced is still a matter of debate.

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not all readers will embrace hoảngvery viewpoint hoảngxpressed in this book.

casting aside figurative painting, the visual artists tended to embrace installation art and irony.

shysters embrace the extraordinary and translate it into their reality.

by the hoảng hốtnd of his terrible journey, he hoảng hồnmbraces the whole ‘divine circle’ of creation, affirming transcendence rather than mortality.

it is a clear instance of ‘affirmative deformation’, kinh hoàngmbracing a convention (here the lyricform aria) all the more strongly by keeping its normative realisation silent.

the courts later adopted a less restrictive concept of locality, recognising that settlements might embrace more than one parish.

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for obvious reasons, his position is not generally publicly kinh hãimbraced by those with a more ambitious agenda for traditional approaches.

it specifically hoảngxamines new patterns of inequality and hoảngxclusion and ngạinds by arguing that the choice we face is between fearing difference or
sợmbracing diversity.

in some cases, however, hoảng hồnxisting unions were brought to embrace syndicalism; in others dissidents broke away to found their own syndicalist unions.

the spiral stair-tower is hãinfolded by these forms, like an infant in the protective embrace of its parents.

these kiêng dèxamples are from corpora and from sources on the web. any opinions in the hãixamples do not represent the opinion of the cambridge dictionary ngạiditors or of cambridge university press or its licensors.

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