Efforts to calculate the level of price support for rice required the government to elicit cost of production data from the agricultural associations.

A small test flash was first used to center the stimulus over the receptive field by manually moving it to elicit a maximum response.


The best way to elicit a schwa is to direct attention away from it and on to the stressed syllable of the word.

Newer strategies have emerged that interfere with the activities of endothelial-cell molecules without targeting immune cells and eliciting the adverse effects associated with steroid usage.

Therefore, via conceptual analysis-through verbal expressions-we elicit our intuitions about two different concepts and reveal that they are clearly related.

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A series of tasks were used to elicit approach/inhibition in toddlers over two visits, scheduled 1 month apart.

There were no relationships between quantity, diversity or complexity of parent talk and the proportion of utterances that were eliciting.

She only produced 221 spontaneous utterances across the three contexts used to elicit language samples, during which she produced the verbs forget and know spontaneously.

This dialogue should enable them to readily understand what the system wants to elicit.

Since we wanted to elicit maximal performance from the foreign learners, we focused on the written modality.

Effective questioning must be one of the most important ways of eliciting a contribution from students, whether verbal or practical.

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But there are also welldocumented violations of procedure invariance, where choices are affected by the way in which preferences over the options are elicited.

Spontaneous interaction and elicited production are clearly separated.

The conference elicited a number of distinguished papers, and the proceedings will soon be published.

The possibilities of rationalization and acquiescence exist when self-reports of personal feelings are elicited by an interviewer or selfcompletion questionnaire.

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