Các ví dụ của east



The study area is surrounded by large expanses (>200 km) of mainly continuous forest to the west, north and east.

As we move from east to west through this area, a change is visible in the landscape.

The latter two individuals had their skulls placed toward the east.

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The east has a longer history of settlement and is more urbanized than the west, which is somewhat of a frontier zone.

Integral to the pricing mechanism behind residential property was an east-west axis not re-ected in the distribution of businesses.

With no support in the south and east, his presidential bid was all but doomed even before it was launched.

Moving north-south, one is directed towards the fireplaces [1 and 22]; moving east-west, one is directed toward the exterior landscape.

The severity of famine gradually increased in the east which slowly proceeded from west through the decades.

The vaulted roof and east facade of the pyramid platform are hypothetical.

Thus leaves v to the east or south.

This process was set to continue, and it was settled that these larger buildings should run mostly in an east-west direction.

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In the final design iteration, we decided that we wanted the south and east edges of the canopy to follow the walls.

The structure was anchored in the south-east and south-west corners to start construction.

The mountains steeply rise from the sea on the west side, and from the vast lowland on the east side.

For a one-dimensional grid, each cell has two neighbours, west (left) and east (right).

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