A bird sees of it and mistakes it as a real eagle.

To be sure, for those who were illiterate, there were the partisan symbols (roosters, eagles, arms and hammers, etc.) printed on the tickets.


Some of them look somewhat like eagles, others like geese, but there is no obvious biblical symbolism or mythical significance to support the identification.

Several warriors, including an eagle and a jaguar, surrounded him.

The second wing of the eagle: the human dimension in learning our way to more sustainable futures.

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As the editors observe, nothing escapes his eagle eye.

Three rattlesnakes were also set out in front of this figurine, and a golden eagle was placed beside the disk.

The eagles are identical not only when they are depicted as tribute, but also when they are part of a glyph.

But contributors will make mistakes and eagle-eyed readers will spot those slips, or object to errors as they perceive them.

The consequences of crowned eagle centralplace foraging on predation risk in monkeys.

The artist in that case might have had a raven and eagle in mind.

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For example, upon learning that robins are susceptible to a particular disease, it seems plausible that eagles might also be susceptible.

She was eagle-eyed and never missed a trick.

Man is no more important or essential than an elephant or an ant, a sparrow or an eagle.

However, this tells us little as to how individual bald eagles or doves should be treated.

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