In the 1920s, the school was eager to distinguish itself from the government schools as a means of attracting more pupils.

I was certainly eager to inspect it as soon as it arrived on my desk.


The onset of the vanaprastha or retirement stage is meant to coincide with the first son’s reaching maturity and eager to take over authority.

Most customers were eager to be interviewed; less than 10 refused to participate in each study.

This view was not his but that of the disciples, eager to defend him against conservative critics whose orientation was towards symphonic composition.

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Programs are prioritized based not on scientific merit or clinical need but their ability to wrest market share of lucrative patients eager for costly procedures.

This is most obviously the case in eager learning methodologies, like neural networks, where overfitting to the training data is an ever-present danger.

The story appealed to the public and almost all newspapers and news programs were eager to cover the same story in the same way.

This explains the second reason why 1932 was a great time for an eager teenager to enter economic study.

There are two main ethnic groups, both eager to use the same resource base, and hence one could expect conflicts along ethnic lines.

No one can deny that health-technology industries at large are highly productive or that clinicians are eager for their products.

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Interspersed with his infectious humour, his musings were a literal godsend to an eager if inexperienced doctoral student.

Note that if process synchronisation is allowed and eager equivalence and/or lazy equivalence do not coincide with performance congruence, they are not even compositional.

Thus, over the actual language, the lazy experiments have more discriminating power than the eager ones.

Interestingly, only minor changes (seven lines of code) are necessary to transform the eager debugger into a fully lazy one.

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