Florence’s identity and fame rested upon its place as the showpiece of the grand dukes’ patronage, taste, and power.

Indeed, the totally uncompromising politics of this duke, in particular, can hardly be explained in any other way.


And tomorrow the duke will be on his way !

Fears of a military mutiny were not limited to the duke’s opponents.

Here other commentators made the allegations swirling about the duke positively lethal.

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By 1857, the sixth duke could not on his own ensure the return of any candidate.

Such a move is sometimes called a duke move.

The following extract, written as a retrospective summary, makes the duke’s affinities to the political language of neo-classicism most explicit.

Successive dukes had introduced linen and wool manufacturing into the parish.

His involvement in mining technology and geology resulted from his need to advise the duke on policy issues.

The significance of the duke’s two devices has been the subject of some discussion.

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In other words, if a duke can always escape from a 5-devil, then a 4-angel can escape from a 1-devil.

These dukes have their own domains and political regimes, and seek to develop independently.

These clerics were likely to be younger sons of the aristocracy thus of the same social class as the dukes themselves.

Now duke moves turn into 4-angel moves.

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