But the company also has a more downtoearth project.

He was a downtoearth guy when you were with him.


People connect, and even become a little obsessed, with their downtoearth, funny personalities.

Far from ostentatious, though, the abode has a downtoearth, lived-in feel, where a couch covered with kids’ graffiti sits underneath original moldings.

In both he earned a reputation as a downtoearth bishop who worked hard to be collaborative and inclusive.

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Here’s something slightly more downtoearth, assuming you can look past the visual flourishes and insane wing mirrors.

Thoughts of dying and thoughts of dirt thrown on the coffin are cosmic and literally downtoearth at the same time.

In no time at all, they charmed this city with their accents, their never-ending parties and their downtoearth humor.

Not only is he an accomplished engineer and racing driver, he’s thorougly downtoearth, too.

But what makes the series really stand out is its downtoearth nature.

A student in one of his classes described him as downtoearth, knowledgeable, and interesting.

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The goal of data art, inspired by very downtoearth techniques to visualize data, is above all to make the invisible visible.

I had a very downtoearth product, my wrap dress, which was really a uniform.

The usual contrasts necessary to make sure of this — downtoearth nannies and harsh boarding schools — have in this case also an almost unbelievable neglect.

He was a grown-up, and such a downtoearth person.

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