the language of complaint thus helped to bring on the new mentality that dissolved the old.

during this time the large pastoral working unit was dissolved.

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then it is dissolved in 100 drops of absolute alcohol and given one hundred succussions.

the enclosing matrix is a fine-grained sandstone, and the original calcite shell material has dissolved away to leave impressions of the shells on the sandstone.

oxygen dissolves more
miễn phíly in cold water than in warm.

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in the human, this coagulation is dissolved within one hour by progressive action of a second proenzyme, also of prostatic origin.

his therapeutic techniques enabled the blockages to be dissolved and the body’s energy to flow không tính tiềnly.

the sulphur trioxide is in turn dissolved in oleum and sulphuric acid, with water added to dilute the solutions to the desired product strengths.

the hollow spaces left when the creatures dissolved were filled with silicate in solution.

traditional forms of text – narratives – are dissolved into isolated fragments that can then be juxtaposed in a pastiche.

the biofilm-retained stain was dissolved with ethanol and quantified photometrically.

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the addition of methanol was repeated four or five times in this manner, and the final pellet was dissolved in 100 ml of distilled water.

the polymer was then dissolved overnight in a small amount of distilled water, and the final solution frozen and lyophilized.

if liquid paint with volatile solvent is deposited on a substrate, we can assume that initially the polymer is dissolved and unstressed.

the model is based on the assumption that solid segregated wax and dissolved wax co-exist only at saturation and no super-saturation can occur.

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