this draws an obvious dichotomy between marine and freshwater systems.

foucault historicises this process but in doing so comes across a second aporia of homogeneity combined with succession, in particular the succession of dichotomies.

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nevertheless, the new planning-control dichotomy he proposes, though a valuable advance, is itself an oversimplification of what must be a multi-channel system.

we note that both parts of the dichotomy can be realized.

studies on social dysfunction in schizophrenia using the positive/negative symptom dichotomy have not found specific associations between these domains.

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this dichotomy entails an exclusive separation between the realms of nature and culture.

unlike the basic set-theoretic concepts, these subgraphs do not reflect the aforementioned dichotomy in a fully symmetric way.

consequently, neither alternative hypothesis is strongly supported, but to some degree this may be related to the very crude dichotomy we use when categorising programmes.

this dichotomy is reflected in the immune response of these mice.

that doesn’t seem like an outrageous thing to say, though large numbers of philosophers seem attached to a sharp dichotomy between cognitive and non-cognitive attitudes.

these facts are prima facie problematic for any theory that insists on the positional dichotomy between heads and phrasal constituents.

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he argues, for example, that “understanding” a text is different from “explaining” a text, and he criticizes historians who fail to recognize this important dichotomy.

accordingly, there is a methodological dichotomy between public law analysis and feminist critiques, which on the face of it, appears to be irresolvable.

his book effortlessly and purposefully defies the false dichotomy between a cultural studies approach and a historical one.

the dichotomies never form a solid and permanent grid, but are in constant motion, forming new temporary constellations.

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