the firm determines its production plans to maximize its profit.

particularly troubling to us is that no means is offered for determining at what time(s) a given parameter reflects either planning or control.

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the mass of the plume slab is determined by the amount of material ejected from the target when thermalized by the electron beam.

this is why it is much easier to determine whether a philosophical principle is true than to determine the extent of its validity.

the location of sulci could nonetheless be determined by referring to the photographs taken during each stage of the flatmounting process.

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the tone tests reinforced an aesthetic determined by technological reproduction.

logistic regression was used to determine whether the number of items requested and publication date influenced the likelihood of response.

a challenge in responding to such requests is in determining the comparative benefits and risks of different stem cell transplant methods.

these paths for the robot can be determined easily by expanding our analysis to more cases.

the stability result (i) says that the evolution of the capital intensity is uniquely determined by the random fixed point.

it has been found that radiation transport plays an essential role at stagnation phase, determining the final distribution of density and temperature.

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bioquant image analysis software was used to determine the area of each circular lesion, which was later used to calculate the radius of each lesion.

a hand-held, 1-cm square black flag was used to explore the multiunit visual responses and determine the center of their receptive fields.

the collective results suggest that neural populations, rather than the individual cell, determine the spatial proper ties of its receptive field.

this analysis showed that this social role remains very important and appears to determine the current social stratification.

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