There is now sufficient evidence to link orexin\hypocretin deficiency to narcolepsy.

For many years, these deficiencies were understandable as they were traced to the extended absence of viable models of personality in the field of psychology.


It can be seen that the low rate in the oral contraceptive users is not attributable to a deficiency of any particular form of cancer.

Later, the oral oestrogen (diethylstilboestrol) was combined with a special multivitamin supplement to help combat common, local vitamin deficiencies.

This is an excellent design for structured precision manipulation, but has deficiencies.

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In summary, these small errors and deficiencies do not detract significantly from the overall usefulness of this book.

The changes in levels of ferredoxin were insufficient to support ferredoxin deficiency as a cause of aerobic metronidazole resistance.

Effect of intestinal parasite treatment on the efficacy of oral iodized oil for correcting iodine deficiency in schoolchildren.

Section 2 outlines the epistemological assumptions and deficiencies of the “uncertainty reduction” argument.

In order to overcome the aforementioned deficiency, the polytope technique is proposed in this article.

Plant response to stress: biochemical adaptations to phosphate deficiency.

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Ten films showed evidence of iron deficiency anaemia.

The few women accounted as poor marriage partners because of obvious deficiencies have entered into temporary, non-marital, childbearing unions.

Findings within the ventricular walls and coronary vessels suggest a relationship of this complex to regional deficiencies of myocardial vascularization.

Dichotomous measures (democracy\authoritarianism) are particularly prone to this deficiency.

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