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the first tree has 9 subtrees, since decimals begin with a nonzero digit.

because many of the original scores can be interpreted as percentages, all are given with two decimals (but note the possibility of spurious accuracy).

the number of worms is the mean value (decimals values rounded off) from three infected ducklings.

subjects were told that they could use any range of positive numbers for their judgments, including decimals.

there are too many decimals.

the construction of decimals normal in the scale ten.

from table 3, it is seen that a partition radius of (b-a) sufficient for 3 significant decimals of accuracy, and this value is used in all later computations.

having been adjusted for the covariables, the differences were reduced to 1.5 points in vocabulary, .5 points in structure 2, a few decimals in structure 3, and 1 point in comprehension.

assuming that obstetricians would not be expected to answer in fractions or decimals, it assumes a baseline of around 45 requests a year, allowing for holidays.

to have three places of decimals instead of two, you would need much larger and more expensive calculating machines.

they are going to get the advantage of simplicity and avoid the necessity for having machines and calculations to three places of decimals.

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roundings are in pence rounded to one place of decimals.

i have now got rid of the recurring decimals.

i propose to deal mainly with the use of decimals—and, more particularly, with the metric system—in connection with its effect on our overseas trade.

is it really necessary to have this figure to three places of decimals?

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bản dịch của decimal

trong tiếng trung quốc (phồn thể)

十進位的, 小數, 十進小數…

trong tiếng trung quốc (giản thể)

十进位的, 小数, 十进小数…

trong tiếng tây ban nha

decimal, decimal [masculine]…

trong tiếng bồ Đào nha


trong tiếng việt

thập phân, hệ thập phân…

in more languages

trong tiếng thổ nhĩ kỳ

trong tiếng pháp

trong tiếng séc

trong tiếng Đan mạch

trong tiếng indonesia

trong tiếng thái

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trong tiếng ba lan

trong tiếng malay

trong tiếng Đức

trong tiếng na uy

trong tiếng nga

trong tiếng Ý

ondalık, ondalık sayı, kesir…

décimale [feminine], décimal, décimale…

desimal, pecahan persepuluhan…

dziesiętny, ułamek dziesiętny…

dezimal-…, die dezimalzahl…

desimal [masculine], desimal-, titalls-…

десятичный, десятичная дробь…

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