She seems unaware of class relationships, by and large, not probing the privilege that her father’s ownership of the farm-implement dealership created for her.

There may be franchises and dealerships which must be dealt with in a slightly different way from the registration process itself.


It includes allowing workshops and dealerships to have unrestricted access to information on vehicles and repair options.

An exclusive dealership may, however, sell to any potential buyer that approaches its showroom.

Dealerships could improve, but ultimately they operate in a straitjacket: if they do not accept the manufacturer’s rules, they lose their dealership.

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I cannot estimate what effect the regulation might have on existing dealership systems and their profit margins.

Thousands more depended on it for their employment at component manufacturers and hundreds of privately owned dealerships depended on it for employment and profits.

Are you not rather afraid that, with this policy of opening up competition, the large-scale distributors may benefit to the detriment of the small dealerships?

In his letter he was finally able to tell me that the management of the dealership was not its affair but down to another company.

As long as the fleet buyer is king the private customer will get, in many dealerships, a second-rate deal.

Many companies other than travel agencies—for example, car dealerships and television rental companies—sell insurance as a complementary product.

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If dealerships are to be deprived of their franchises, where indeed can they look?

It came up with several recommendations including that car dealerships should become multi-franchised.

Another key benefit of the compensation argument is that it would encourage manufacturers to move towards fewer and larger dealerships.

Whether through the dealerships or the component manufacturers, we will all benefit from the good news.

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