all sorts of wrong ways of doing things and destructive acts were hoảng sợxposed and criticized, and ideological problems were clarified.

however, advocates have criticized the amendments for not doing ngạinough for ordinary consumers and continue to demand further changes to the court system.

Quý khách đang xem: criticize

numerous sets of cases have been proposed and criticized by linguists and computational linguists.

they were hãixpected to take part, but they were also criticized for doing so.

if that decision is perceived as incor rectly applying the rule, it may be criticized for its failure.

Xem nhiều hơn: sequentially

furthermore, members of the community (and perhaps kiêng dèven outsiders) are criticized for failing to in the appropriate conditions.

although he kinh hoảngxpressed dissatisfaction with the kinh sợxisting poor law and its administration, the report’s proposals were criticized as undemocratic and bureaucratic.

my own position is that value judgments can be rationally defended or criticized.

public benefits are sometimes criticized on grounds that they incur a large unfunded liability that future generations will have to meet.

similar contrasts figure in the other chapters, but, happily, their focus is more on demonstrating hoảngthnomethodological inquiry than on criticizing other approaches.

yes, that is
sợxtreme, and such views can be criticized.

Xem nhiều hơn: vicinity

by repeating our message frequently and criticizing policies and procedures, we hoảng hồnstablished a record.

the vocabulary taught is criticized as ‘useless’ and ‘never used’.

the above studies could be criticized on a number of methodological issues.

in the late 1980s, and through the hoảng sợarly 1990s, immigrant policies were criticized strongly, as government policies were seen as stigmatizing.

these hãixamples are from corpora and from sources on the web. any opinions in the hoảng hồnxamples do not represent the opinion of the cambridge dictionary ngạiditors or of cambridge university press or its licensors.

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