They deserve my thanks for their kindness, but also for their more trenchant criticisms.

Finally, we thank the referee for the extremely valuable comments and criticisms on the manuscript.


We also wish to thank the two anonymous referees for many helpful comments and criticisms.

Such criticisms typically focus on the importance of the meaningful and communicative dimensions of conduct, on ‘commitment’, altruistic behaviour, and norm- or value-governed behaviour.

I am indebted to the audiences for valuable comments and criticisms.

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Let me say a couple of things about your criticisms of popular music academics.

In response to these criticisms, it has often been suggested that the income variable needs to be broadened.

Thus, when modern connectionism arose, the targets of its criticisms were the symbols and rules of these theories.

Despite the valid criticisms of acculturation and assimilation theory, the factors it identified as influential in the migrants’ experience still require attention.

Our focus on first-order, nonreflexive consciousness will help us to address a number of criticisms, as we shall see later.

Thoughtful criticisms were offered, leading to spirited discussion late into the evening.

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Many of his criticisms, however, apply to both lexical and syntactic approaches.

However, such criticisms suggest that the lack of a long-term intercultural perspective limited the campaign in rural areas.

There is not much that is novel in this to anyone familiar with hermeneutic and phenomenological criticisms of social science.

In spite of the above general criticisms it must be said that some of the individual contributions merit serious attention.

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