Having fulfilled these, the prospective foster parent must complete 30 hr of coursework before applying to the commission for a license.

Students are assessed in performing, composing and listening, the first two by submitting a portfolio of coursework, the third by written examination.


Our experience is that science majors from various disciplines have come to expect different things from their coursework.

For her respondent, theory was something primarily acquired within the program of her major (literature) and to a limited extent within other in-service coursework.

Degrees are awarded to individuals and, whether the assessment is based on coursework or examinations, we are required to determine marks for individual students.

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Methods of examination used at medical schools include clinical examinations both throughout the course and during final qualifying examinations, objective structured clinical examinations and coursework.

Studio courses are intended as the point of integration for all other coursework and educational experiences.

Until the wide-scale adoption of the elective system in the 1890s, students generally took courses in moral philosophy, which included a term of coursework in psychology/ mental science.

Please note what portion of your initial coursework was devoted to pronunciation practice or presentation.

All three reports stressed the difficulty of ensuring standardising marking and adequate moderation in coursework.

That is usually the criticism that is made of coursework.

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The teacher had read the coursework and was impressed by it, but the class received these extraordinary results.

Coursework can be a valuable way of assessing achievement that cannot readily be demonstrated in an examination.

All of that made it very difficult to understand why the school’s candidates did so badly on the coursework element.

This could include examination marks, general coursework marks or grades achieved.

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