they are there to provide a market place for investors to channel capital to businesses and corporates who act in our real economy.

corporates can easily be persuaded to give terminal equipment, but it is what the schools do with the infrastructure and equipment that counts.

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instead of corporates doing the investigation, now it is very likely that individuals will make checks on potentially errant spouses.

body corporates in the dental sense were designed to enable people who were not dentists to run dental practices.

corporates, of course, should not need that, but consumers certainly do.

investors and corporates are increasingly viewing the care homes market as financially unstable and offering insufficient returns on capital invested.

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our leading corporates already make excellent use of that.

until then heavy capital investment in scientific research had been mainly limited to state-corporate sponsorship of chemistry, where the practical dividends were very apparent.

managers usually design and oversee these roles and responsibilities in corporate organisations, multinational corporations and state-owned enterprises, where ownership is separated from control.

the absence of uniform federal standards has become more important as corporate concentration and computerization continue.

on the one hand, he shows how some of these materials came in to the possession of the major record labels through corporate acquisitions.

individual error, she argues, played a less significant role than corporate policy and deadline fixing: construction ‘allowed production concerns to influence [design] in detrimental ways’.

he now specializes in out-of-the-classroom education and assists children as well as corporates in developing inter-personal relationships and improving the productivity of group dynamics.


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the various elements of corporate organization are property rights.

acts in the 1870s and 1880s tended toward increasing the size and scope of corporate enterprises.

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