convenience store

convenience store

examples of convenience store

convenience store

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her dad is working in banking and lives in a poor neighborhood above his wife’s convenience store.

the seafarer center is more than just a convenience store, phone booth and taxi service.

all of a sudden public water fountains have vanished and bottled water is everywhere: in every convenience store, beverage cooler, and vending machine.

another walked to a nearby convenience store and ordered a cup of hot chocolate.

for the next hour we wait inside their convenience store.

i think the perception of a convenience store is changing.

about three dozen people were arrested, and one convenience store was burned almost to the ground.

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the gas station convenience store caught the incident on surveillance footage.

but it’s being treated by a lot of criminals like it’s a convenience store because some (banks) are in grocery stores.

means, 20, entered the convenience store at about 2:15 a.m., wearing a mask, police said.

sometimes it is not possible to just run down to a convenience store and pick up what you need.

a “progressive convenience store” and a kiosk offering organic coffee are planned.

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translations of convenience store

in chinese (traditional)


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in spanish

tienda pequeña que permanece abierta en horarios no habituales, tienda [feminine]…

in portuguese

loja de conveniência…

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in turkish

in french

in norwegian

in russian

büfe, geç saatlere kadar açık olan yiyecek ve içecek satan küçük dükkan…

commerce [masculine] de proximité…

магазин, работающий допоздна…

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