the higher value of 2 implies that y1 y2 increases to 0.17, the mean consumptions by type-1 agents fall and by type-2 agents increase.

thus, the extent to which consumptions are not perfectly correlated with aggregate income provides one measure of the departure of the incomplete- from the complete-markets solutions for this economy.

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in our industrial processes as well energy consumptions can be advertised so that we know where we are.

therefore, if this year’s consumptions are distorted and adjustments are made all the way ahead, in ten years there will be a completely false picture.

therefore, we can live with lower energy consumptions.

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correlatively, energy consumption per meter has more than doubled.

like in the preceding section, an external force is used to simulate the robot’s energy consumption.

effect of consumption of food cooked in iron pots on iron status and growth of young children : a randomised trial.

since most of these goods have to be imported, they are omitted from the further food production/food consumption comparison.

the focus groups did not find a clear linkage between concern about the environment, health and other issues and organic food consumption.

there are also differences in consumption of health care and social service between the two groups.

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they calculate a personal probability of consumption shortfall and show that it is substantial, particularly for high-entry ages.

another possibility for the government to ensure budget balance is to reduce government consumption, while maintaining pension benefits.

however, for the present at least it seems that the promise of these new forms of hybridity and eclectic consumption remain just that: a promise.

a related limitation is the absence of year-by-year information on the level of tobacco consumption.

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