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under the code, personal interests involve payments to the member personally, for example, consultancies or other fee-paid work.

the total value of these consultancies in this financial year is approximately £4·3 million.

the guide covers proprietorial and value for money issues which relate to the use of public relations consultancies.

if tied aid is supplied, the goods or consultancies procured have to go beck to the providing country.

running costs comprise pay, recruitment, training, travel and expenses, consultancies and the employment of agency staff.

the revised arrangements have been applied to all consultancies undertaken in this financial year.

are we satisfied that the consultancies involved have been up to the mark?

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however, expenditure on all consultancies since 1986–87 is listed.

consultancies under the scheme will in future focus where appropriate on specific themes of which the application of modern technology is one.

my constituency contains one very large information technology firm and a number of small consultancies.

we do not collect information specifically on the cost of consultancies.

many small farmers simply cannot afford the assistance provided by such consultancies.

aid-financed consultancies can and do offer prospects of further business financed commercially or through international lending agencies.

consultancies are awarded, after competition, to the consultant considered best able to provide value for money in terms of quality of work and price.

another category of technical assistance and advice is in consultancies, and here we could be doing tremendously more than we are at the present.

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translations of consultancy

in chinese (traditional)

諮詢公司, 顧問服務公司, 諮詢服務…

in chinese (simplified)

咨询公司, 顾问服务公司, 咨询服务…

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in portuguese

empresa de consultoria, consultoria…

in more languages

in polish

in turkish

in russian

müşavirlik/danışmanlık/uzmanlık şirketi, müşavirlik, danışmanlık…

консалтинговая компания, консультирование…

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