the presentation of the past is linked to all forms of image consciousness and manipulation.

there is reason for dissatisfaction with the present state of knowledge about brain mechanisms related to vision and consciousness, and many of us share it.

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because, when we see, we have continuous access to features of a scene, it is as if we continuously represent those features in consciousness.

consciousness or awareness is not a property that informational states of the brain can just come to have in that way.

instead, we have turned our attention to the presentation of a framework within which to investigate the nature of vision and visual consciousness.

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the problem of consciousness, in this general picture, is to understand what processes or mechanisms or events in the brain make certain contents phenomenally conscious.

there need be no oneto-one correlation between states of consciousness and events in the brain.

in this state, one’s subjective consciousness is focused on one internally generated, usually terrifying, image or belief.

is that really all there is to say about the neurochemical basis of consciousness?

certainly, some types of memory are intricately linked with consciousness, in particular the episodic memory usually proposed for consolidation.

as such it may be seen to hold a central place in the development of emotional identity and subjective consciousness.

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encouraged by the success of the 1988 exhibition, the organisers kept stimulating the newly aroused historical consciousness of their fellow villagers.

symptoms, including loss of consciousness, recurred within six weeks.

one might say that in having children we participate in the mystery of the creation of self-consciousness.

language is the only modality of consciousness that makes perceptible the relational (or predicational) form of thought and the abstract elements of thought.

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