honour might have been a common idiom among men, but the different immigrant communities perhaps attatched to it quite different connotations and importance.

the point is rather that descriptions have connotations which can themselves be traced to the relevant relations.

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the connotations of these expressions illustrate the emotional and intellectual reactions of self-induced death.

the literal meaning of the term prestidigitator is ‘nimble-fingered’, but its connotations extend to the idea of illusion, imposture, deception.

physical motion is precluded here, and there do not seem to be any connotations of intensity or negative attitude (see note 11).

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the gradations among the groups in 44 – 46 clearly reflect the influence of socio-historical factors on linguistic connotations.

i considered the equipollence of referential expressions, the problem of positive and negative connotations of various referential expressions, and the problem of cross-gender reference.

we must also not forget that the position of the sound in a space affects the connotations of that sound.

changing the position may change the connotations (a distant car has very different connotations than a car passing one metre away from the listener).

the patronage extended to the imambara too had similar connotations.

the economic transformation of camel pastoralists carried religious connotations and implications.

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the fourth section details how covering the female bosom was divested of such connotations and endowed with new ones.

we simply want to resist the misleading connotations of this terminology. 11.

on the other hand, words that are not commonly viewed as emotion-laden may acquire emotional connotations in discourse.

the discovery of connotations is based on cultural and literary experience, or on the structure of a specific text, or both.

these examples are from corpora and from sources on the web. any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the cambridge dictionary editors or of cambridge university press or its licensors.

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