The first two segments were designed to provoke disagreement, whereas the third segment permitted an assessment of carryover effects of the prior conflict.

Resolution of physician-patient conflicts in courts has become an ordinary event.


But they had – at the same time – to be war y that mathematics was not “so close” to applications as to produce unwanted philosophical conflict.

As regards psychological distress, no association was found with decision latitude, while conflicts at work increased the risk of psychological distress.

Where reports from different sources conflicted, the longer duration was taken.

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Not only did all parties deny that deeply entrenched economic interests had become part and parcel of the conflict.

Historians have also stressed its role in a culture of honour and of honour conflicts.

The evidence surrounding levels of proteinuria and clinical outcome is conflicting.

From the sociotechnical viewpoint, technical decisions, social interaction, and conflict management are the three essential components in the collaborative design process.

A conflict of rights, all things considered, would generate such a problem, but we cannot have rights, all things considered, to per form incompatible actions.

Lower levels of empathy may contribute to conflict in social interactions and thereby heighten levels of negative emotions experienced by some children.

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The role of sibling conflict on later school conflict was less straightforward than that of the other predictors.

However, the structural similarities encountered on the level of the facts summarized by the final judgements indicate certain basic lines of intra-familial conflict.

A final source of the conflicting results may lie in the left – right and yes – no decision tasks.

This conflict in turn will promote volatility in partisan preferences.

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