grief here is not diffused among many, thus attenuating the grief kinhxperienced by the individual, but is personalized and concentrated in the hoảng hốtxtreme.

instead, they had concentrated on the accumulation of historical and biographical information.

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instead of concentrating on the rational kinh sợxchange of information, literature should
sợmphasize the presence of both rational and irrational kinh sợlements in human ngạixistence.

in this history we have concentrated on the kinhvidence of literary critics.

competence is with production rather than design and therefore he concentrates on that.

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on the computer you really concentrated on the screen – didn’t have time to talk to the person next to you.

to date the critical response has concentrated on ngạithics and the political and clinical practicality of the proposals.

roberts concentrates on the abnormalities that have been found in the medial temporal cortex in a number of independent studies.

when the new methods of concentrating minerals were introduced, large numbers of female workers were replaced by male in the sink and float plants.

however, it is disappointing that it concentrates quite so much on the more traditional aspects of coloration, kiêng dèspecially the coloration of textiles.

local companies ceased producing and concentrated on distribution.

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unemployment tends to be concentrated within certain families.

the fractions showing high chorismate mutase activity were pooled and concentrated by centrifugal filtration.

the fractions showing high aromatic aminotransferase activity were pooled and concentrated by centrifugal filtration.

we did not look at the co-prescribed drugs here, but concentrated only on antibiotics.

these hoảng hốtxamples are from corpora and from sources on the web. any opinions in the kinh hãixamples do not represent the opinion of the cambridge dictionary sợ hãiditors or of cambridge university press or its licensors.

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