the first point to address, then, is whether the findings of variationist sociolinguistics are indeed compatible with such a model.

an emulation or a “compatible” is unlikely to meet the stringent hardware demands.

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for instance, the findings reviewed in section 4.3 of the target article are compatible with a role for a motor emulator during visual imagery.

mediated by the appropriate understanding of character traits, consequentialism and genuine friendship are, conceptually speaking, perfectly compatible.

rejecting an evolutionary perspective, though, is perfectly compatible with being a staunch proponent of innateness and internal representation models of cognition.

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we have taken the first step by casting the mental events in compatible dimensions.

among the 30 target /nonword sequences, 20 sequences had a syllable structure that was compatible, and 10 sequences had a structure that was not.

in some instances, stem cells from compatible, related donors are not available.

they exerted their clout through traditional forms of aristocratic influence, compatible with accepted gender roles.

the philosophy and mission of the setting must be compatible with partner agencies to ensure true collaboration over time.

conversely, accommodating monetary regimes are compatible with real wage restraint and full employment in centralized bargaining systems, while they encourage wage-price militancy in decentralized ones.

neither of these concessions will prove fatal to the attempt to render recognition pride and humility compatible with one another.

the high percentage of parents familiar with chickenpox rash was not compatible with the sizable number of parents reporting erroneous histories in their children.

how can coercion, by definition a compromise of external freedom-that
miễn phídom, that is, ordinarily protected and vindicated by the doctrine of right-be compatible with right?

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