commute verb (travel)

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commute verb (change)

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it’s at least an hour’s commute to work.

smart vocabulary: các từ liên quan và các cụm từ

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các ví dụ của commute


second, the externality of its necessity, which might have promised to safeguard (so to speak) its surprise, gets commuted into an encephalic interiority.

many others now are commuting daily from the valleys to new industries nearer the coast.

most farmers would not need to resettle because the new lands are at commuting distances from the villages.

of those who migrated, 71 per cent were engaged in long distance migration while the remaining 21 per cent commuted with livestock.

in the case of petty traffickers, the sentence was often commuted.

now, improving a nearly commuting diagram to a commuting one is a standard ^ procedure in hyperbolic dynamics.

two observables which do not have the special property of commuting with each other will not be simultaneously measurable.

more precisely, here are the boundary versions of this kind of ‘identity principle’ for commuting holomorphic maps.

finally, for the left-hand component of, we must show that the outward square of the diagram commutes.

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we need to show that the upper left-hand square commutes.

of course, commuting is not a new phenomenon.

the impact of such decisions on commuting behaviour, and attitudes towards different forms of transport, are examined below.

regularization commutes with exterior differentiation, and the extension is chosen so that it commutes with exterior differentiation as well.

under the legislation of the nineteenth century tithes were commuted into tithe rentcharge, an annual sum varying with the price of corn.

furthermore, each such commuting diagram corresponds to a transition.

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bản dịch của commute

trong tiếng trung quốc (phồn thể)

旅行, 上下班往返, 往返於工作地點與家之間…

trong tiếng trung quốc (giản thể)

旅行, 上下班往返, 往返于工作地点与家之间…

trong tiếng tây ban nha

viajar diariamente al lugar de trabajo, viajar diariamente al trabajo, desplazarse al trabajo…

trong tiếng bồ Đào nha

viajar diariamente para o trabalho…

trong tiếng việt

đi lại thường xuyên giữa hai nơi, giảm án…

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trong tiếng thổ nhĩ kỳ

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trong tiếng na uy

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trong tiếng Ý

trong tiếng nga

her gün işe gidip gelmek…

faire la navette, trajet [masculine] quotidien, faire la navette (entre)…

viatjar diàriament per anar a la feina…

يَذهَب يومِيّا إلى العَمل…

dojíždět, změnit/zmírnit trest…

pendle, rejse frem og tilbage, forvandle…

pulang-pergi, meringankan, mengubah…

berulang-alik, meringankan…

pendle, rushtid [masculine], nedsette (en straff)…

fare il pendolare, commutare…

ездить на работу и обратно…

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