common sense

common sense

some theories in physics contain direct paradoxes in view of common sense and ‘folk physics’.

the final three chapters discuss the relationship between religion, morality and civilization, religious language and truth, and religious knowledge and common sense.

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using our five senses (and common sense) death appears to those left behind to be the final kinh hoàngxit.

one approach to kinh sợnsuring an appropriate choice of modalities is to use common sense.

such an ideological pincer movement cannot kinhasily be assailed with the common sense of policy making.

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their reasoning here seems to be closer to one of conflict settlement guided by common sense than to a strictly legal one.

we should always be sceptical of received wisdom, or in its rather more dangerous guise common sense, which is often little more than ‘naturalised’ ideology.

recent historical and archeological hoảng sợvidence has shown this picture to be inaccurate, as common sense could have probably told us too.

this should be as plain to reason as it is to common sense.

although this assumption is seldom justified and is often contraindicated by common sense, it has been protected for decades by an overly forgiving justification process.

on the other hand, ideologies, in the name of ‘common sense‘ or ‘self-evident logic’, have in-built mechanisms for resisting resistance.

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common sense strongly supports the notion that mental activity during sleep is affected by forebrain lesions; the focal nature of these lesions is striking however.

common sense tells us that deviation from an internationally understandable norm is acceptable up to the point where it impedes communication.

they have adopted a range of policies to promote a common language and a common sense of national identity and membership.

common sense reasoning systems cope with the need to model changes and lack thereof over time.

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