Earlier comedies in the mode of romance tended to suppress this insight.

His early comedies might have been taken to represent an unheard-of civility from the back of beyond.


Three separate archival records identify a parlour as a venue for comedies.

An extensive building account survives for the comedies of this year.

If prose is the comedy’s dominant medium, the work’s very coherence and inventiveness is a poetic achievement of a high kind.

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His prodigious output includes nineteen tragedies, seventeen satires and six comedies.

As indicated, the principal programmes comprise four distinct formats – legal procedurals, dramas, comedies and reality shows.

The majority of the legal comedies which have appeared on television are comedies about the law.

We also note an increasing emphasis on songs from operettas, musical comedies and revues.

If he gave the three comedies we now choose to call ‘mature’ his most throwaway titles, they aren’t throwaway plays.

There are enough yawning gaps between our pretensions to social equality, equality before the law, freedom of all kinds, to motivate a million comedies.

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Your subscription series would be mostly comedies with a few classics, musicals, dramas, and other types of plays.

The contagiousness of laughter is better known, and is the basis for the notorious laugh tracks on television situation comedies.

Sure chick flicks, romantic comedies, and dramas are interesting, but nothing comes close to the exhilaration of a good – or oftentimes terrible – action movie.

Your subscription series would have an equal number of dramas, comedies, classics, musicals, and other types of plays.

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