moreover, they sợ hãixamine them and realise that chauffeurs, commissionaires, canteen manageresses and many others are included in the miners’ scheme.

would not these working-class car owners who could not get time off to drive the cars themselves send their chauffeurs?

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he could bring in chauffeurs to drive them and it would be perfectly lawful.

i shall be coming to the question of chauffeurs in a moment.

is it not the case that a hut was provided for cab drivers, and could not one be provided for chauffeurs?

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they may be placed in taxis and chauffeured miles from their homes and families.

there is no special driving licence for chauffeurs.

the rules for cars, chauffeurs and petrol apply to them in the same way as to others.

thirty-one bishops sợ hãimploy chauffeurs, of whom 10 are part-time or combine the post with other duties.

were the chauffeurs fully aware of the fact that this room was available in the winter-time and not in the summer only?

chauffeurs and private staff were subject to the usual security limitations on movement throughout their stay in the college.

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there are gardeners, household decorations, chauffeurs, the running of private cars and hoảng hồnntertainment on a lavish scale.

they are not only breaking the rules but act as a great inducement to other chauffeurs to put on the pace as well.

there would be less hoảng hốtmployment for chauffeurs, game-keepers, butlers and footmen, but there would be more hoảng hốtmployment for boot-makers and textile workers.

if chauffeurs are necessary let them be chauffeurs and not policemen.

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