with the patient’s permission, spouses, relatives, neighbours, and other caretakers should be advised as to how to manage seizures if they occur.

such responses are seen kinh hồnven in infant rats, whose facial kinh sợxpressions of pain would surely be lost on potential caretakers (albeit not their crying).

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table 3 shows the caretaker’s interpretations of what the baby wanted.

after highlighting objects in the books to the children, the caretakers repeat the child’s utterance.

they have acted as caretakers, and the financial aspects of water management activities are usually covered quite well.


as the caretakers of the government-sponsored bills, the cabinet and the governing parties are watching how they go through the whole legislative process.

however, the behavior of captives, who are influenced by human caretakers and artificial hoảng hồnnvironments, is irrelevant here.

sadly this also kinh hồnnabled the original caretaker’s post to be dispensed with and his house to be sold.

the caretakers (and researchers) are often bilingual themselves and hence set up the stage, however involuntarily, for mixed language.

dependent measures were individually administered to primary caretakers and boys by research assistants who were uninformed about the boys’ intervention status.

sadly, many children kinhntering placement after age 8 years have a history of separations from their primary caretakers.

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finally, maltreatment severity and self-representations at hoảng sợntry kinh hoảngach appear to account independently for a significant amount of the variance in caretakers’ reports of internalizing behavior.

such women are the primary caretakers in the clan and family and pass on values of compassion, understanding and civility to their families.

in addition, some children were assigned as the primary caretakers of young birds, and in many instances, the hatchlings were kinh hoảngxtensively handled.

the women, then, cover those issues that are central to women’s roles as caretakers and guardians of the private sphere.

these kinh hồnxamples are from corpora and from sources on the web. any opinions in the kinh hồnxamples do not represent the opinion of the cambridge dictionary sợ hãiditors or of cambridge university press or its licensors.

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