At that point her material circumstances improved considerably (her new husband was a wealthy businessman) and they lived in owner-occupied houses or expensively rented flats.

No less revealing was die supposedly sober businessman’s readiness to enter the highly dangerous and speculative world of piracy.


They conferred an element of permanence: the small businessman was always around, he generally lived in the same district as he worked.

Which businessman did the gangster hide the very rich woman for late last night?

For example, a modern businessman who wants greater economic privacy for himself tends to want greater transparency and accountability for his government regulators.

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The successful businessman was both an idol and an ideal.

Business consensus was most remarkable given the typical businessman’s attitude which is self-regarding, short-term and competitive vis-a-vis other businessmen.

At all events, he was a businessman, and one may be sure that he fitted science in around his hunting and not vice versa.

These are all public officeholders, of course, yet the biographical compendia also include each senator’s nonofficial occupational identification (such as “dentist” or “businessman” or “lawyer”).

He sees the current situation as a temporary period of guaranteeing savings, so that he can become a selfemployed businessman.

One of them, though he has a reputation as a tough businessman, is spiritually inclined.

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She consistently preferred the maverick to the conventional, the outspoken to the cautious, the self-made businessman to the traditional director of the traditional family firm.

He is a self-employed businessman and serving on the team took time away from his business.

It brings the perspectives of the academic historian subsequently turned businessman to the study of a group often ignored by some historians.

The businessman is only the go-between, not the investor.

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