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Classic Arcade Game with the main character ‘Bubblun’ to capture enemies with bubble and defeat it.

[How to Control]

Able to move left and right on the screen, and press the fire and jump buttons to play.


[Game Feature]

– Conveniently fire the bubbles with the automatic shot function.

– Able to get an extra life through gathering alphabet bubbles E, X, T, E, N, D.

– Able to get additional scores through hamburger, hot-dog, sushi, banana, and ice cream after defeating all enemies on the stage.

– The skull monsters are going to appear and chase if the player cannot clear the stage in a certain amount of time.

– Able to change the original or full screen aspect ratio in the setting.

– Super game is available after normal game is cleared.

– Supported achievement and leaderboard.

[Power-up Item]

– Yellow candy: Increasing speed of blowing bubbles.

– Pink candy: Increasing range of blowing bubbles.

– Blue candy: Increasing bubbles’ flying speed.

– Red shoes: Increasing Bubblun’s movement speeds.

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[Special Bubble]

– Water bubbles: Special bubble that flows the water down to defeat the enemies.

– Fire bubbles: Special bubble that drops the fire and creates multiple fires.

– Lightning bubbles: Special bubble that can be blown horizontally to defeat the enemies.


– Holy water: Removing all enemies on the screen, and available to get additional scores in limited time.

– Parasol: Allows to jump numerous stages. Depends on color of parasol, the jumped stages are different.

– Magical staff: All remaining bubbles on the screen will turn into food, and also a large food will fall down.

– Sky blue Ring: Able to get extra points each time the Bubblun moves.

– Chack’n Heart: Transforms to invincible Bubblun that defeat the enemies.

– Magical necklaces: Shining ball bounces around the stage, and defeat the enemies.

– Clock: Freezing the monsters in certain amount of time.


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