The latest available returns indicate that 5,367 badges and 1,162 brooches have been so distributed, of which 1,987 were badges for wardens.

They begin to have the bizarre effect, the embarrassing effect, of a diamond brooch in a plate of spaghetti.


They have no uniform, but they have a brooch.

There are other articles of personal adornment, such as brooches.

Their wedding rings, their simple brooches and the like, were long ago sold or pledged.

Take the case of a brooch, not made of precious metals, but of what are called base metals.

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They are given one of the cheapest forms of plastic brooches, which breaks if you touch it, and that is the only designation they receive.

On another field, if there had been a metal detector the person going down would have found a small broken bronze brooch—not very valuable in itself.

Badges and brooches are given at the discretion of the local authority to volunteers who have completed one month’s service and are considered efficient in their duties.

I do not know what kind of device would be used, but how can we think of anyone in a family wearing some sort of bangle or brooch?

Women nominated will wear a badge brooch.

They would have taken that brooch.

Iron brooches and coins have been found there.

Metalwork, including elaborate penannular brooches and fastening pins, have been dated to the 5th-7th centuries.


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Vintage brooches had the clasps heat mounted into the plastic; in modern brooches, the clasps are riveted on.



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