the former are often called representatives, the latter beneficiaries.

in essence, beginners pressed for being included as the beneficiaries of this technology.

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figure 1 also tracks veterans’ pension and disability compensation beneficiaries, combined, as a percentage of the population.

the aim is to ensure adequate diversification, thus protecting the beneficiaries against insolvency of the sponsor and investment risks.

it is not just the beneficiaries and the bureaucrats who administer the programmes who have a vested interest in the welfare state.

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on both accounts, special religious status is conferred unrelated to the deserts of the beneficiary.

the act of conceding such benefits took on the institutional form of privilege, by virtue of which the beneficiary enjoyed a series of special prerogatives.

electorally contested ‘swing’ regions tended to be the beneficiaries of national subsidies rather than others.

the criticism centres on the choice of tree species, the wisdom of monoculture plantations, and the nature of actual beneficiaries.

in the past the predominant beneficiaries of subsidiarity and government funding have been the free welfare associations.

it is especially striking that these effects were felt in the initial period by beneficiaries generally, regardless of socio-economic background or level of education.

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overall, the survey findings showed that while social pension income reduced poverty in households with a beneficiary, the impacts varied by ethnic-geographical group.

they often specifically targeted their disadvantaged beneficiaries in an open, unabashed way, and were often exclusive.

first, the number of beneficiaries has more than doubled in three years to over 30 million.

it does not matter to the environment or to an overall welfare evaluation which is the main beneficiary and which is the co-beneficiary.

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