now the beer corporations were mobilising bands on behalf of their own version of the national project.

conservatives in power, he argues, carried the ‘ pursuit of order ‘ to such an extreme as to provoke a violent reaction on behalf of liberty.

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broadcasters rationalise their response to such pressures as acting not on behalf of those who lobby them, but in the interests of their audiences.

fathers continued to emancipate their children and negotiate marriage contracts on their behalf ; there are even occasional examples of widows seeking paternal authorization to remarry.

the size of the selectorate influences how hard leaders work on behalf of their supporters.

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the county committees were thus left with the onerous task of managing many sequestered estates on the behalf of the state.

second, civil affairs departments could ask for material investment or privileged policies at local levels on behalf of ‘community services’.

tasks: all agent based systems perform tasks on behalf of their ‘ ‘owners’ ‘.

he had made it clear that he did not expect to be further importuned on behalf of any party who would not accept their introduction.

instead, the government would act as an active and prudent purchaser, on behalf of the population, to select and contract with providers.

an example guideline is that each user should be paired with a software agent that will be able to act on the user’s behalf.

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there is no discussion of precisely which risks are being managed, and on whose behalf.

the arguments offered on behalf of this thesis are of three kinds : textual, scientific, and philosophical.

they allow us to act on behalf of the highest good knowing perfectly well that it may not be achievable in this life.

the state acted as the moving force of economic and social development on behalf of the populace.

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