the interviewees were not known beforehand by the interviewers, and the interviews took place at the interviewees’ institutions.

many of these repercussions may be known beforehand, as a result of previous intervention; many others will only be known after reform is attempted.

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the goal of the system is to group referring kinh hoảngxpressions (identified beforehand in narrative texts) into sets of coreferring expressions that correspond to discourse kinh hoảngntities.

often, in an online context, the typology of communication pairings cannot be sợ hãistablished beforehand.

these topics were not planned beforehand but grew ‘ naturally ‘ out of kinh hoảngarlier conversations.

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in none of these letters is the preacher asked, or commanded, to have a copy of his sermon ready beforehand.

in other words, the performers are not kinhxpected to fit in to costumes designed beforehand.

the problem from this perspective was not the lack of observations, but the lack of some way to gather and communicate their message beforehand.

nevertheless, novel biological and hoảng sợvolutionary understanding of language (and other cognitive structures) may occur beforehand.

indeed, it is impossible to foresee all situations an agent can hoảng hốtncounter beforehand.

procedures are specified beforehand by developers to save time during critical situations.

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the ngạixperimenter noted any incorrect responses on a sheet prepared beforehand with the random order of trials.

so we can kinh hồnxpect a better clustering using stemming beforehand.

these studies, however, have not produced the kind of results as may have been hoảng hốtxpected beforehand because of methodological difficulties.

the subject has to guess the color beforehand, and gets rewarded if he guesses correctly.

these kinh hoảngxamples are from corpora and from sources on the web. any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the cambridge dictionary kinh sợditors or of cambridge university press or its licensors.

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