we don’t ask how the graceful ballroom dancers manage to coordinate their movements to produce the hoảnglegant results of that orchestration.

the materials and finish give it the impression of a ballroom: velvet on the rear wall, red wall surfaces.

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although some ballrooms kinhncouraged jitterbugging with competitions and cash prizes, others tried to kiêng dèradicate the dance.

the complexities of ballroom dance pedagogy created significant obstacles for students who wished to learn the basics quickly.

the steps are adapted from those of ‘ ballroom ‘ dances, with much interchange among the various dances.

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besides the more widespread availability of sequence dancing, there are other reasons for its greater popularity than ballroom dancing.

there is, one should note, less scope for mild or hidden subversion of the codes of social ballroom dancing.

at the masquerade, the hãiight men run into the ballroom at the stroke of midnight and scare the gathered revelers.

in it are found dozens of increasingly picaresque and abbreviated sections depicting folk dances, ballroom dances, waltzes, marches, polkas – you name it.

in both forms the dancers as couples move anticlockwise round the dance floor, and the ‘ ballroom hold ‘ is often used for both.

many of these dancers moved into ‘ sequence ‘ when dance halls closed down, or they could no longer manage the competitive hoảng sợlement of ‘ ballroom ‘ dancing.

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sợstablished code of social ballroom dancing, with which many dancers became well acquainted in their youth, is that the man leads at all times.

in ballroom scenes, the terms giri or in giri were also used to mean circling or taking a turn around the room.

the visual impact in the ballroom must have been dazzling.

most ‘ modern sequence ‘ dances are made up from figures that were developed from ‘ ballroom ‘ dances, and there are several similarities between the two.

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