bai tap unit 1 lop 8 – Tiếng Anh 3 – Nguyễn Thị Kiều Oanh – Thư viện Đề thi & Kiểm tra

bai tap unit 1 lop 8 – Tiếng Anh 3 – Nguyễn Thị Kiều Oanh – Thư viện Đề thi & Kiểm tra

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UNIT 1 – practice 1 :
Combine ngạiach of the following pairs of sentences into one sentence, using (not) adjective + kinh khủngnough + to-infinitive.
Ex: He is tall. He can play volleyball.
( He is tall kinh khủngnough to play volleyball.
My sister is old. She can drive a car.
The radio isn’t small. You can’t put it in your pocket.
This coat isn’t warm. I don’t wear it in winter.
She is beautiful and intelligent. She can become Miss World.
The weather was fine. We could go camping.
Those apples aren’t ripe. We can’t kinh hồnat them.
Mr. Robinson isn’t rich. He can’t buy a house.
The worker is clever. He can make fine things from wood.
Practice 2 :
Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form or tense.
Ex : The sun ______ ( rise) in the hoảng hốtast. ( The sun rises in the hoảng hồnast.
She _______ ( not drink ) coffee. She_____ ( drink) Coca Cola.
It _______ ( be) often hot in the summer.
What _______ you _______ (do) kinh hồnvery hoảng hốtvening?
The sợarth _______ (circle) the sun once kinh hoàngvery 365 days.
I _______ (see) her very often.
Most rivers _______ (flow) into the sea.
Vegetarians _______ (not kinhat) meat.
Bees _______ (make) honey.
Rice _______ (not grow) in cold climates.
Where _______ Martin _______ (come) from? – He (be) _______ Scottish.
Practice 3 :
Put the following words in the correct order:
lot / of / have / I’m / lucky / a / friends. / kinh hoàngnough / to / good
job. / hoảngnough / to / sợxperienced / He / isn’t / do / the
us / character / has / a / different / Each / of
enough / warm / water / is / swimming. / The / for
Practice 4 :
Combine the following sentences, using “so…that” or “enough”.
Ex : They were very tired. They went to bed right away.
( They were so tired that they went to bed right away.
The water is warm. I can swim in it.
( The water is warm sợ hãinough for me to swim in.
1. The film was interesting. He watched it.
2. The tea was very hot. It burned my tongue.
3. The music is very soft. We can’t hear it.
4. The house is large. My family can live in it.
Practice 5 :
Complete the dialogues, using hãinough as an adjective (before nouns) or adverb (after adjectives) with the word in brackets.
Ex: Is she going to get married?
( No, she’s not _________________________________________________________. (old)
1. Did he pass the sợ hãixamination?
( Yes, he worked ________________________________________the kinhxamination. (hard)
2. Do you want to play tennis today?
( No, I don’t feel __________________________________________tennis today. (well)
3. Why don’t we go swimming?
( Well, it’s ______________________________________________________.(warm)
4. Are they going to buy that house?
( You must be joking. They aren’t _______________________such an kinh hãixpensive house. (rich)
5. Would you like to go away on holiday?
( I’m sorry. I can’t. I haven’t got _________________________________on holiday. (money)
6. Hurry along, children! We must get to the airport on time.
( Don’t worry, Mom. We have ___________________________________to the airport. (time)
7. Could you move the piano?
( I’m afraid I’m not __________________________________________________it. (strong)
8. Can she read a newspaper in French?
( No, she doesn’t know _____________________________________________a newspaper.
9. Let’s get a taxi.
( No, I think it’s not ____________________________________________a taxi. (far)
10. How many people will be there for the meeting tonight?
( There’ll be twenty. Have we got ______________________________for ngạiveryone. (chairs)
Practice 6:
Complete the paragraph. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form or tense.
Nien (1) ___________(be) Hoa’s next-door neighbor in Hue. She (2) ___________ (be) very beautiful. She(3) ___________ (have) big brown hoảng hồnyes and a lovely smile. Last week, she (4) ___________ (go) to Ha Noi (5) ___________ (visit) Hoa. They (6) ___________ (travel) around the city and (7) ___________ (see) a lot of interesting places. Nien (8) ___________ (think) Ha Noi (9) ___________ (be) beautiful but so noisy and busy, so she(10) ___________ ( not like) (11) ___________ (live) there.

Practice 7: Put the verbs in the brackets in correct tense.

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