The additional curves came from psychology (9;10;12;15), manufacturing (2;5), and aviation (19).

His areas of practice include intellectual property, commercial litigation, aviation, and products liability.


There are four national agencies responsible respectively for railroad traffic, road traffic, aviation and maritime traffic.

Their core specialism was in the manufacture of aviation components, telecommunications, shipping, charter flights, and construction.

I would like to emphasize two of the practical implications of this type of research for the aviation industry.

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Patients, like the aviation workers who were displaced by those mergers, will find themselves similarly displaced by market forces.

I read numerous general texts on aviation and commercial aviation, official accident reports, operations manuals for particular aircraft, and company training materials.

It can also involve looking for less probable but more significant preconditions as, for example, in aviation risk analysis.

Such goals and challenges in aviation, robotics, and heart replacement technologies (14;22) have to date led to many successes.

A more systematic enquiry, including road transport, navigation, aviation, broadcasting and telecommunications, is necessary to test and develop this image further.

The following transcription conventions are specific to the aviation data and should be noted.

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At these latter symposia the topics have in no way been confined to applications to aviation and space flight.

This transfer of policy competence is evident even in politically sensitive areas such as civil aviation.

Its relative role is expected to increase substantially in the future, particularly because of the expansion of aviation.

This suggests mainly undegraded light aviation fuel mixed with heavier fuels and lubricants.

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