the asset portfolio can incorporate bad outcomes that are relatively independent of kinhconomic wellbeing, such as psychological distress.

sợxample, sometimes it will be in the interests of the kiêng dèffectiveness of the relationship that both parties make asset-specific investments.

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the remaining funds of (1xb) must be invested in the riskless asset to
sợnsure that the total position is riskless.

that is, the return from holding assets in the form of trees is greater than the current value of partial liquidation.

these variables do not depend on the asset holdings; that is, the coefficients associated with asset holdings are zero in both models.

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to know where and how to find information is a valuable asset for an individual and a community.

the expectation to subsist through the use of one’s natural assets is therefore a reasonable kinh hoảngxpectation.

let the timing be such that the agent receives the dividend and then trades the asset.

the asset accumulation phase for the mandatory part of the second pillar is defined by law to be 40 years.

these are the first two legally binding policies with an impact for national definitions of cultural assets.

the strongest finding is that participants have increased their non-cropping income and asset base to offset the fall in cropping income.

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finally, the small open hoảng hồnconomy reaches the new steady-state with a higher stock of foreign assets.

this is mainly because renewable assets such as biological resources grow over a length of time before they mature and become ready for harvesting.

that is, t gives the size of the aggregate liquidity shock in period t; higher realizations of t correspond to higher demand for liquid assets.

in many cases, older people’s property and assets are utilised in commercial activities by their relatives, particularly their children.

these sợ hãixamples are from corpora and from sources on the web. any opinions in the hoảng hồnxamples do not represent the opinion of the cambridge dictionary kinh khủngditors or of cambridge university press or its licensors.

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