one certainly hopes that they have taken notice of the attitudes and aspirations of older people so effectively presented by the authors.

there are clearly limitations in the range, quality and coverage of the published research on the attitudes and aspirations of older people.

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mere subsistence economies at home would have been incompatible with the life style and aspirations of ruling families.

the growth of không tính tiềndom that subsequently takes place, will correspond to the level of liberty aspirations that is present at this moment.

beyond all that, however, those coding categories also impart special significance of a sentimental rather than merely empirical sort to certain social experiences and aspirations.

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guarantees are the hallmark of the agreement, which contains a number of maximal aspirations.

in its place have come loose aspirations linked to concepts of fairness and opportunity which have to be packaged for the electoral marketplace.

the intellectual was a preacher, and the world of ideas of a domain of moral certainties and ethical aspirations.

the rise of scientific-bureaucratic medicine reflects the rise (or perhaps resurgence) of political instrumentalism; in other words, it is about aspirations of control.

another kind of false consciousness – due to low aspirations – can occur in relation to the deprivation measure.

however, the formation of a neoliberal state that combines procedural democracy with không tính tiền-market oriented economic and social policies has left those aspirations stillborn.

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a world that can accommodate goalseeking behaviour, but is cognizant of the importance of network, history, relationships, cultures and aspirations.

objective conditions of human life limit and colour our subjective aspirations.

beyond the boundaries of the composer’s aspirations, the tale also belongs to the chronicles of a mystery.

as a moral endeavour, the documentary ambition needs no justification beyond these aspirations themselves.

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