argue verb (disagree)

kids, will you stop arguing with each other?

they were arguing over/about which film to go and see.

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thesaurus: synonyms, antonyms, and examples
  • arguethe kids are always arguing about something.
  • have an argumenti had an argument with my sister.
  • fightthe two sides continue to fight over control of the assembly.
  • quarrelstop quarrelling, you two!
  • rowuk my parents were always rowing about money.
  • squabblethey are still squabbling over who will get the big office.

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argue verb (give reasons)

you can argue the case either way.

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argue verb (show)

smart vocabulary: related words and phrases

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argue verb (disagree)

they argued about money.

i can’t argue with you about that (= i agree with you).

argue verb (give reasons)

(definition of argue from the cambridge academic content dictionary © cambridge university press)

examples of argue


on this basis it is argued that non-complex complement adverbs have to raise to an appropriate specifier.

central to nonconformist belief, he argues, was a vision of religious equality – a vision which has provided a long-lasting legacy.

they argued the utility of commercial endeavours : merchants were proved loyal citizens.

he argues that policy initiatives should aim to address all four of these elements.

he argues that governance may spell the death of the social.

they argued that cross-references between objects to express relationships are ambiguous; hence, better means are needed to characterise object structure and behaviour.

a further point is that, as has been argued, the influences that affect the recording procedures will tend to produce under-recording.

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the realist argues that the same distinction can be made with respect to all our beliefs.

overall, the work is tightly argued and presents a unified, coherent structure throughout.

we have argued for a physicalistic resurrection theory.

i have argued that this line of reasoning is not cogent.

to accept it, he argues, is to miss the sense in which a ritual says something.

they argued that most of the purposes which the tax was intended to fund were not farmers’ economic responsibility but rather a state responsibility.

as argued above and in 4.1 below, consonantal prefixes s and v are actually in the onset of the stem syllable.

rather, she argues that all consonants are onset elements.

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translations of argue

in chinese (traditional)

爭執, 爭論, 爭吵…

in chinese (simplified)

争执, 争论, 争吵…

in spanish

discutir, argumentar, abogar…

in portuguese

discutir, brigar, argumentar…

in more languages

in japanese

in turkish

in french

in catalan

in arabic

in czech

in danish

in indonesian

in thai

in vietnamese

in polish

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in malay

in german

in norwegian

in korean

in italian

in russian

tartışmak, münakaşa etmek, bir fikri tartışmak…

se disputer, débattre, argumenter…

přít se, hádat se, argumentovat pro/proti…

diskutere, argumentere, skændes…

bertengkar, membantah, mempertimbangkan…

โต้เถียง, ถกเถียงเรื่อง, ชักชวนโดยให้เหตุผล…

cãi nhau, phản đối, thuyết phục ai…

kłócić się, argumentować…

bertengkar, bantah, memujuk…

(sich) streiten, argumetieren, gründe anführen…

å krangle, argumentere, krangle…

discutere, litigare, polemizzare…

спорить, приводить доводы…

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