are gaining in popularity – 和訳 – Linguee辞書

are gaining in popularity – 和訳 – Linguee辞書

recently, the

[…] game winx club are gaining in popularity.

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最近では、ゲームのwinxク を集 めて いる。

game dedicated to animated tv series “winx club – winx are gaining in popularity.

人気が高まっいる – ゲームはtvアニメシリーズ “winxはwinxクラブ”に捧げた。

bare escentuals has grown into a company with over 50 billion yen in annual sales. in japan, since the establishment of bare escentuals k. k., its consolidated


subsidiary in 2007, bare escentuals has focused on sales channels such as

[…] television shopping and has been gaining in popularity.

日本においては、 2007

[…] 年に連結子会社ベアエッセンシャル株式会社を設立して以来、テレビショッピングなどを通じて販売、人気がっています。

blackmagic, whose various video systems and devices are rapidly gaining in popularity around the world, exhibited its cinema camera which gained much attention at the recent nab and ibc.

様々な映像システム・機器で世界的に急成長しているブラックマジックは、最近のnabやibcでも話題を呼 んでいるシネカメラを出展し来場者に自由に触らせていた。

in the meantime, a religious cult that claims to shut away misfortunes in a box has been gaining popularity, displaying an eerie aspect.


since powder coatings are không lấy phí of any

[…] solvents, they are extremely environmentally friendly and therefore gaining popularity in many industries.

粉体塗装は溶剤を使用しないことから環境にとても優しく、そ のため、多くの界で好評を得て いま す。

smartphones accounted for more than half of mobile phones sold domestically in fiscal 2011 and have been rapidly gaining popularity among users.

2011年度の携帯電話の国内出荷台数のうち、半数以上をスマートフォンが占めるなど、スマートフォンの普 及は確実に進んでいます。

in recent years, however, time-resolved fluorometry (trf) using sugar chains labeled with chelated lanthanide is gaining popularity as an easy and […]

sensitive analytical method.

近では、ランタノ錯体標識 糖鎖 を用いた時間分解蛍光測定法が、簡便で高感度な解析法として利用されるようになってきた。

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while ipods

[…] and mp3 players are gaining their popularity, similar features […]

have been added onto mobile phones.

ipod や mp3 プレヤーの人と呼応す るかたちで, 同様の機能が携帯電話にも付加されている.

even in japan, dramas

[…] such as love in palace and jumong became popular, showing that korean period dramas are gaining solid popularity as a new korean […]

drama genre that grew with dae jang geum.

日本でも、2007年以降、『宮』、『チュモン(朱蒙)』な どが 人気を 得る など 、韓国の長編時代劇は、『チャングムの誓い』に続き、新たな韓流ドラマのジャンルとして定着している現状が ある。

in the case of abl, there is a need to put mechanisms in place to ensure that loan terms are set after gaining an objective understanding of the disposal value of assets serving as collateral, and that collateral values continue to be monitored, and reassessed, after the loan is written.

また abl であるな らば、担保となるアセットの処分価値が客観的に把握され、これを踏まえ た貸出条件が設定され、融資実行後の担保価値のモニタリングや必要に応 じた換価が円滑に行われる体制が整っている必要がある。

along with such efforts as commencing sales via a subsidiary in russia in 2008, shiseido products are gaining a high reputation from customers, thereby successfully penetrating shiseido’s unique and sophisticated image as […]

a prestige cosmetics brand.

2008 年にはロシアで子会社での販売を開始し、お客さまからの高い評価 得るな ど、 プレステージ化 粧品のとして独自の洗練されたイメージの浸透を図っています。

we are expecting further increase in its popularity in asia and the […]

u.s.a. as well as in europe.

人気い欧州は もとより、アジアやアメリカでの注目度も年々高まっている状況です。

with regard to fuel efficiency improvement

[…] […] technologies for passenger vehicles and freight vehicles, while taking manufacturers’ comment through hearings into consideration, currently foreseeable future technological development was reviewed, and evaluation was made on effects of fuel efficiency improvement technologies that are expected to be introduced and gain popularity in the future.

燃費改善要因の評価 乗用自動車及び貨物自動車の燃費改善技術について、製造事業者等へのヒア リング等も参考にしつつ、現時点で想定し得る将来の技術開発の見通しの検討 を行い、今後導入・普及が見込まれる燃費改善技術の燃費改善度の評価 行っ た。

sales of information and telecommunications equipment components decreased amid production adjustments linked to slower


sales to cell phone-related customers and sluggish adoptions of components used in

[…] products that are growing in popularity.


[…] 情報通信機器用部品は、携帯電話関連で顧客の販売不振による生産調整や、伸長分野 への採 が進 まず 、減少し ました。

brazil holds the largest japanese expatriate population in the world, and taiko is rapidly gaining popularity, primarily among young japanese-brazilians.

世界最大の日系人人口を持つブラジルで和太鼓は若年層を中心に広まっており、現在では 59 団体が和太鼓を日々打ち込んでいます。

research and development work, as well as verification tests, on power storage and load stabilization for battery applications in renewable energy systems, such as wind-farm and mega-solar power generation, are gaining social attention.

また,太陽 光発電,風力発電など再生可能エネルギー普及拡大のための電力貯蔵・負荷変動調整用電池 として適用するために,その研究開発,実証研究にも注目が集まるようになってきた.

since it

[…] was published in 1998, it is now gaining ever more popularity in the mainstream market.

それは 1998 年に公開されて以来、それは今主流の市場でこれま 以上 人気を てい ます

article 9 by gaining the cooperation of the relevant administrative organs, the minister of economy, trade and industry and the minister of the environment shall calculate the release amounts of class i designated chemical substances associated with the business activities of business operators other than business operators handling class i designated chemical substances, etc. and the amounts of class i designated chemical substances that are assumed to be released in the environment […]

apart from the release


amounts of class i designated chemical substances that have been notified pursuant to the provisions of article 5, paragraph 2 for each of the matters specified by an ordinance of the ministry of economy, trade and industry and an ordinance of the ministry of the environment.

第九条 経済産業大臣及び環境大臣 、関 係行 政機関の協力を得て、第一種指定化学物質等取扱事業者以外の事業者の事業活動に伴う第一種指定化学物質の排 出量その他第五条第二項の規定により届け出られた第一種指定化学物質の排出量以外の環境に排出されていると 見込まれる第一種指定化学物質の量を経済産業省令、環境省令で定める事項ごとに算出するものとする。

automatic transmission are gaining market share, with the proportion of 3, 4 and 5-goers will be sharply reduced in favor mainly the 6, 8 and 9-goers and continue down the cvt.

オートマチックトランスミッショ は3 、4 と5の観客の割合で、市場シェアを獲得している鋭く主に賛成6、8と9の観客が減少し、cvtをダウン継続 されます。

the keys here will be gaining the cooperation of host governments and local citizens, and establishing environments that are advantageous to developing our businesses, factoring in competition with […]

rival firms and


synergy with our existing operations.

ホスト国政府や地元住民からの協力 が得られるか 、ま た他社との競合や既存ビジネスとの相乗効果も鑑み事業を優位に展開できる環境が整っているかなども鍵となり ます。

we will continuously pursue “clean plant activities” and radiation exposure reduction measures, which are important in gaining the understanding of local communities.

クリーン・プラント・アクションや被ばく低減対策は地元の理解 得るた めに 重要り、今後も進めていく。

the museum of oriental ceramics osaka in nakanoshima is a must for foreign tourists visiting the central kansai city of osaka, but recently, the tekijuku, an important


cultural asset and a historical

[…] site located in the heart of the city’s business center, has also been gaining popularity.

関西の中心都市・大阪市を訪れる海外からの旅行者にとって、中之島の東洋陶磁美術館は見逃せないが、その近 くの、ビジネス街の真ん中にある重要文化財・史跡の「 人気 びは じめ た。

in the u.s., an increasing number of professional people are gaining their mba’s through e-learning.

北米ではe-ラーニングによって mba を取得する割合が増加傾向にあります。

in recent years, with led gaining popularity as backlight for lcds, the demand for surface protection film is rapidly increasing […]

across asia led


by demand in luminance improvement films and light guide plates, materials indispensable for production of led-based lcds.

近年、lcdバックライトのled化の進 に伴 い、 その必須部材となる輝度向上フィル や導 光板 向けを中心に表面保護フィルムの需要がアジアを中心に急拡大しています。

at the same time, hirota glass is

[…] making efforts in reproduced glass using advanced and traditional manufacturing methods, such as the opal glass technique of the taisho era (updating), and this retro design is gaining popularity.

同時に、大正時代に生産されていた「乳白あぶり出し技法」などの高度で伝統的なガラス製法を用いた復刻ガラ スにも注力しており、そのレトロなデ ザイ 人気を いま す。

konica minolta’s nassenger series inkjet textile printing system has been gaining popularity as an innovative printing system that meets industry’s growing demand for short run production with enhanced design capability.

インクジェット捺染プリンタは、従来のスクリーン捺染で必 とさ れて いた製版や色糊調合が不要のため、多品種・小ロット生産に迅速かつ手軽に低コストで対応できる革新的染色法 として脚光をあびています。

at the same time, the three countries also note that trade remedy issues are gaining more importance, given that trade liberalization through the fta may create an environment where uncompetitive industries in the importing country tend to resort to a trade remedy system to protect themselves from competitive import products.

それと同時に,三か国は,FTAを通じた自由化により,輸入国の競争力の ない産業が競争力のある輸入品から自らを保護するために貿易救済制度に訴 える傾向が 強まるので,そのような環境下においては,貿易救済の問題が更 に重要性を増していることを指摘する。

as the measures for aging of society, these initiatives are gaining attention in the occupational health field: information on the initiatives has been provided to the japan safety & health association, and research results have been presented at the national institute for occupational safety and health (niosh) […]

in the united states.

この活動は、今後の従業員の高齢化対策として産業保健分野で注目されており、中央労働 災害防止協会への情報提供や米国立労働安全衛生研究所(niosh)での研究発表など、 国内・海外からの問い合わせが多数寄せられています。

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