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however, the image of pioneers carving out a legitimacy in a new land is apt for the philosophers who take up residency in medical schools.

yet no term is intrinsically dysphemistic, or for that matter euphemistic; this is something both critics and supporters of political correctness are apt to forget.

maybe morphological adaptation is less a question of either dialect or standard language but is more apt to intermediate forms.

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theories developed with one legislative chamber in mind are, of course, apt to be limited in their application.

it provides an apt counter part to the first paper with a robustly sceptical view of the reliability of molecular clocks.

and indeed, his criticism of traditional family values was very apt from the standard of western values.

the main advantage of this automatic returning algorithm is that it is apt to be realized.

all the same, an uncomfortable tension is apt to appear between his religious beliefs and their rationality, and his other beliefs and their rationality.

while the focus is national rather than comparative, they make apt references to relevant foreign data.

they are apt to develop an increased awareness of community conditions as a result of this expansion in the scope of their everyday activities.

this is not an apt description of our condition.

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of the five senses, vision in particular provided an apt model for cognition.

one can make the objection trivially apt by constructing an artificial concept that has all and only the extensions in question.

the recipe metaphor seems less apt for the selection process as embedded in operant behavior, however.

each plaintiff if successful is apt to receive a judgment in the millions.

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