appointment noun (arrangement)

i’d like to make an appointment with dr evans, please.

i’ve got a two o’clock appointment with ms edwards.

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that’s the second appointment he’s missed.

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appointment noun (job)

we would like to announce the appointment of julia lewis as head of sales.

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  • jobshe got a job as a lab assistant.
  • occupationplease fill in your name, age, and occupation.
  • postthere’s a post for a lecturer open in my department.
  • positionshe’s applied for a part-time editing position.
  • appointmentthere are going to be several new appointments in the department this year.
  • careershe’s had a very successful career in marketing.

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appointment | business english

an appointment to do sth we have appointments to see several properties.

make/arrange/schedule an appointment if they want to see me, tell them to make an appointment.

doctor’s/dentist’s/medical appointment she’s had a lot of time off work for medical appointments.

 by appointment

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used to say that something can only be done at an agreed time that must be arranged first:

viewings are by appointment only.

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examples of appointment


posttransplant patients were approached during their clinic f ollow-up appointments in which there was also ample time f or them to be approached.

as my theory predicts, she first opted to implement less costly tools that were available to her, such as purges and patronage appointments.

in this model the prime minister has proposal power over cabinet appointments and the president an ex post veto.

recall that the theoretical relationship between efficiency concerns and the incidence of non-partisan cabinet appointments is counter-intuitively negative.

finally, we turn to observable indicators of the cost to the president of refusing the slate of cabinet appointments proposed by the prime minister.

thus, the prime minister has agenda control over cabinet appointments, whereas the president has veto power.

patronage appointments were routine and extensive throughout the national public administration, not only in specific localities.

the civil service competitions for appointments to various public bodies were often conducted improperly.

she expected some control over cabinet appointments, and often worried about her closet being stormed.

however, the influence of these clauses on actual appointments – top positions excepted – is far from clear.

the latter is directed at curbing the political as opposed to the judicial criteria for appointments.

in both countries the system of public appointments was significantly patrimonial, although they were significant differences in the scope and degree of politicisation.

the composition books dating 1618-41 show stationers standing as surety for well over 300 clerical appointments.

patient perspectives explored emergency appointments, young people’s needs, fertility awareness and patients access to their own records.

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the content of the envelope informed patients of the treatment group to which they had been allocated and outlined procedures regarding making appointments.

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dental appointment

i am grateful to him for that and for giving us sound advice on making a dental appointment.

faculty appointment

he also held a faculty appointment in international business and political science.



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follow-up appointment

where the infant has died, a followup appointment can facilitate grieving and help deal with unresolved issues.

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