Interviews were audiotaped for transcription and the use of pseudonyms protected participants’ anonymity.

One can hide behind anonymity to commit online fraud or spread disinformation and hate mail among other things.


Ordering according to type preserves both the visual cohesion of any grouping and the anonymity of the object.

This is despite assertions by the team to the contrary and the confirmation of participant anonymity.

The songs characteristically sing of deceased men as having occupied a series of places that are now being reclaimed by the anonymity of the forest.

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That would violate a central principle of democracy, namely, equal citizenship (anonymity of the voter).

Enforceable wage agreements had long since replaced mutual trust, especially in long-distance navigation, perhaps because the employment relationship could be virtually modern in its anonymity.

For the purposes of the study and the subsequent reports all women were assigned pseudonyms and were assured anonymity.

Both the letter and the information sheet set out plans for assuring their anonymity and confidentiality#.

Because of the anonymity factor, it is impossible to trace a particular patient to check on, for example, his/her geographical exposure details.

Furthermore, the healthcare support workers were guaranteed anonymity, and were informed that their names would not appear on any documents.

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On the other hand, telephone interviewing may be more acceptable to some people because of the greater degree of anonymity it provides.

There is no doubt that the prisoners’ knowledge of the photograph’s ability to capture the signs of the individual challenged this powerful tradition of anonymity.

The motivation behind the anonymity assumption is to avoid “noxious” caring, that is to assign some individuals more moral value than others.

This presupposition is registered in the second condition on our impossibility result: that of anonymity.

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